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You don't think about your septic system until it breaks down, and when it does break down it can be very expensive to repair and replace. Catch minor problems before they become a big catastrophe for your property with a septic system test from the experienced professionals at Ron Jackson & Associates Inspection Services, Inc.

Experienced Septic System Testing

We have performed inspections for property owners of Greater Indianapolis, Terre Haute, Lafayette, West Lafayette, and Central and Western Indiana since 1997.

If your drains are slow to empty, or if your yard has wet, smelly spots on it, you've got a septic sytem problem. We will find the root of the problem with our testing.  

Know the signs of septic system failure

We offer two kinds of septic system tests for your specific needs.


If you're buying a home and want to inspect its system, or if you suspect you have a minor septic system issue, the Visual Septic Dye Test is the affordable and non-invasive option for you.


If you already own your home and believe you have a major septic sytem problem on your hands, we can perform what is known as a Destructive Septic Inspection where we excavate the septic tank itself to inspect for problems or damage.

Complete septic testing for your home

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