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Radon is tasteless, odorless, colorless, and radioactive. It occurs naturally in soil and rock, and it can leak into your home through cracks and openings in your foundation, your floors, or your walls. Over time, breathing in radon can increase your chances of contracting disease such as lung cancer. That's why you need Ron Jackson & Associates Inspection Services, Inc. to inspect your home for radon.

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We are a licensed company for radon testing:

Indiana State Department of Health Radon Testing #RTP00361

Radon tests are vital for your safety and your family's safety. That's why our radon tests are priced at an affordable rate for homeowners. Do not skip this important inspection for your home!

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We also provide our clients with professional home and business property inspections, mold testing, septic system testing, and water well testing. You always receive a full report of problem issues with each inspection, and your satisfaction is always guaranteed.

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